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123racing offers fantastic FREE-to-play handicapping contests for CASH prizes as promotional tools for our racetrack customers. 

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Check out the exciting new national 123racing Pick-6 pari-mutuel wager coming soon to a track near you.  It's the bet that brings a competitive edge to the traditional Pick-6, and puts YOU in the race.

The wager is soon to become available online for the first time at 123bet.com - an ADW showcasing the wager launching soon, and will be rolling out to more participating tracks and OTBs in 2014. Register your details in The Stables community of one of our contests now, or email admin @123racing.com to be kept up to date regarding launch.

Read about it here, and enquire at your local track or OTB.   It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3...!